The JT Versa System - adaptable modular work-holding for blanks & turnings

Introducing the New Versa System - configurable modular work-holding from JT Turning Tools.

A pyramid of new VersaChucks - ready to ship

The Versa System offers multiple mounting options for blanks and turnings, utilizing a modular family of optional elements.  These interchangeable elements provide the turner with many different chucking and drive choices.  The various options accommodate a variety of tasks, such as shaping new blanks, holding turnings in progress, sanding & finishing, and tenon removal.

The basic Versa System consists of a central hub that will drive all components.  This hub can be configured to provide a multiple-sized center mount screw chuck - VersaChuck, for holding blanks and turnings of many sizes.  Versa components can also be reconfigured on the fly to accommodate both a vacuum chuck capability - called VersaVac, and a multiple point drive center capability, called VersaDrive. 


VersaChuck package consists of the multipurpose Versa central hub combined with a reversible grip plate and high-tensile steel wood screw.  Together, these elements present a screw chuck of unequaled versatility, providing multiple diameter gripping capability (1.5", 2.4", 3.5") for a large array of turning blanks.  The multi-diameter capability also allows the turner to remove and remount the blank utilizing a different diameter grip ring without removing the hub from the lathe, thus insuring that the remounted work piece will run true.  The thread-mounted center screw is tough 4140 steel alloy and, if ever needed, is easily replaceable.

VersaChuck in 2.5", 1.5", 3.5" configurations

Versa Hub & removable screw

VersaChuck in 3.5" drive configuration

VersaChuck in 2.5" drive configuration


VersaVac extends the capabilities of our well known Precision Vacuum Chuck Hub products to accommodate larger turnings that can benefit from extra vacuum holding power.  As with the Precision Vacuum Hub, VersaVac utilizes standard PVC couplings to provide inexpensive vacuum chuck cups of multiple sizes.  Larger sizes will now be available to provide substantially increased holding power that will be available to securely mount larger turnings.  An adapter ring replaces the screw chuck ring of the VersaChuck and serves as the mounting base for the PVC cups.  Appropriate 0-rings seal the hub and cups for vacuum operation.  The thread-mounted center wood screw is removed to allow passage of vacuum into the cup, thus creating VersaVac.

VersaVac Plate on Versa Hub.  VersaChuck Plate & wood screw also shown VersaVac Plate on the Versa Hub-front view
6" PVC cup mounted on VersaVac VersaChuck, VersaVac, VersaDrive


VersaDrive provides a unique method for center point drive of oddly shaped turning blanks, such as burl caps.  A drive ring replaces the VersaChuck ring as the basis for VersaDrive.  Providing a series of adjustable conical point pins, this drive ring will conform to unevenly surfaced blanks (curved or non level surfaces) and provides multiple points of contact for increased drive power.  A long conically tapered thread-mounted center point replaces the wood screw to complete the package and serve as the anchor of the drive system.  VersaDrive acts in concert with a live tailstock center to hold work for "between centers" turning.


VersaStop - is a nice little accessory to further leverage the benefits of owning a Versa System hub.  This bottle stopper drive screws right into the hub in place of the wood screw.  It provides a nice advantage over some mandrels because it moves the stopper blank away from the head stock of the lathe and so makes it easier and quicker to turn the entire surface of the stopper, especially on larger headstock lathes.  A small thing that might make BS turning a little more fun (<:)

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Complete Versa System - (elements to provide the packages above ) also available.

(hub; chuck plate, center screw; vac plate; drive plate, center point, drive pins; plus hardware & seals)

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Price for the VersaStop mandrel is $35.00

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