Precision Vacuum Hubs

Create several different sized vacuum chucks using our Precision Vacuum Hub

JT's innovative Precision Vacuum Chuck Hub allows the turner to have multiple different sized vacuum chucks at their disposal, while utilizing one single hub.  Available for 1.25" x 8, 1" x8, and M33 x 3.5 spindle threads, these hubs work on almost all lathes in common use today.

These versatile Vacuum Hubs offer the turner numerous advantages:

  • Utilizes ordinary, inexpensive PVC pipe couplings to create vacuum cups.  Built-in O-ring seals the cups to the hub - hub/cup assembly is leak proof
  • Multiple sizes of vacuum chuck cups may be mounted on a single Precision Vacuum Hub. Cups are modular, and can be quickly interchanged.
  • Rigid, massive construction is more durable than shop-made wooden vacuum chucks and stays perfectly concentric.  Will not warp or distort.
  • Accuracy and consistency are maintained and precisely controlled during production.  Perfect fit to spindle threads - no sloppy, leaky wooden threads as with some wood-based chucks.
  • No need for dedicated, costly face plates to provide high quality threads.  No need to build wooden cups for each size of vacuum chuck you want.
  • Less expensive than buying or building multiple different sized vacuum chucks.  More dependable, leak proof - no need to finish or seal to prevent leakage as with wooden chuck cups.
Precision Vacuum Hub - ready for installation on PM 3520, Robust, Jet 1642, or other 1.25" x 8 spindle machines


The Precision Vacuum Hub is made from a solid billet of aircraft-quality aluminum, and is precisely machined to exacting tolerences.  This design facilitates the use of common Schedule 40 PVC pipe couplings (2" nominal) to create inexpensive vacuum chucks of varying diameter.  Examples of Precision Vacuum Hubs installed are shown below.

Precision Vaccum Hub and 3.25" cup on Nova DVR Precision Vacuum Hub & PVC cups of various sizes.

Construction of the Precision Vacuum Hub, including carefully machined spindle threads, very close tolerance face groove, and O-ring seal in the bottom of the groove, all account for the concentricity and highly leak-resistant performance of the hub and cup combinations.  View the detailed instructions for mounting the Hub and preparing and installing the vacuum cups on our Product Installation Instructions page. 

Two views showing the Precision Vacuum Hub mounted on a Powermatic 3520B woodturning lathe

End view showing the face groove receiver for the 2" PVC couplings.  Note the O-ring at the bottom of the groove providing a positive vacuum seal. Side view showing the exceptional machining quality on all surfaces.  Note the six set screws to retain the vacuum cups.

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We also recommend the use of plastic Spindle Washers and Lever Wrenches with these hubs.

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