Precision Vacuum Adapter

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The vacuum adapter - a seemingly simple device to transfer vacuum energy supplied by a pump or similar source, past the rotational motion generated by the lathe.  In other words, part of the adapter rotates with the lathe spindle, and the other side of the adapter remains stationary providing a connection to the vacuum source.  Sounds simple, but the vacuum adapter must maintain a constant seal against leakage, be capable of various rotational speeds, provide strength and durability, and be reliable.  Also, it must be intuitive and simple to use, easy to install and maintain, and perform without impeding the operation of other lathe functions or the use of other lathe accessories such as morse taper drives and knock-out bars.  The Precision Vacuum Adapter is an innovative "plug and play" device for your lathe, providing the greatest possible convenience and ease of use.

The Precision Vacuum Adapter

Produced on advance digitally controlled equipment, each Precision Vacuum Adapter meets all of the above criteria.  During the machining and assembly processes, these adapters are subjected to numerous tests and quality controls, and are held to strict standards of tight design tolerances and superior quality.

Our Precision Vacuum Adapters are constructed of aircraft-quality aluminum alloy and utilize superior materials throughout.  Every Precision Vacuum Adapter is contructed with two low-friction double sealed bearings for longevity and performance, and assembled with a special, proprietary sealing system installed between the bearings to provide reliable vacuum performance over the long haul.  All Precision Vacuum Adapters are constructed with two high-quality 0-ring seals on the adapter stem to insure maximum durability and superior seal between the adapter and the wood turning lathe.

This latest iteration of our proven Vacuum Adapter product for wood turning lathes offers precise machining and quality control, with all parts made to exacting tolerances on digitally controlled (CNC) machining equipment.  In addition to new equipment for production, we have updated and streamlined the adapter's engineering specifications and designed a new cleaner look for the adapter along with it's associated accessories, such as the Precision Vacuum Hub and our lathe-specific Precision Vacuum Adapter Kits.

Have more than one lathe that you would like to equip for vacuum chucking? One Precision vacuum adapter can provide extra utility and economy because a single vacuum system can be utilized on multiple lathes when the lathes are equipped with our custom designed vacuum-ready hand wheel products.  Please see the list of Precision Vacuum Adapters and Kits below.  Also, visit  our Hand Wheels page to learn more about our offerings of specific hand wheels for various lathe models.

Professionally designed and engineered to exacting specifications, the Precision Vacuum Adapter from JT Turning Tools offers wood turners a superbly designed and manufactured adapter for most popular wood turning lathes.  JT Adapters are highly regarded by many satisfied users across the country, and the updated Precision Vacuum Adapter continues that legacy of quality and reliability.  (See what our customers have to say)


Nothing could be simpler to use, more elegantly designed, or precisely built than our Precision Vacuum Adapter.

Adapter (L) & Handwheel

Precision Vacuum Adapter Kitfor Jet-1642 Precision Vacuum Adapter installed on PM 3520B

Precision Vacuum Adapters and Adapter Kits are In Stock for Immediate Delivery

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Flash - New Product! .... Jet 1640 and 1440 Adapter Kits

We now offer our new Precision Vacuum Adapter Kit, available for the new Jet 1640 and 1440 lathe models.  This includes a newly designed replacement hand wheel along with our well known and highly successful Precision Vacuum Adapter.  The kit is in stock and available for quick shipment.  The price for the complete kit is $145.00.  Just call (402.330.9801) or email us info [at] if you want to order a kit.  On-line ordering  will be available shortly.

Models and adaptations may be available for other lathe models also - don't see what you need?  Please inquire.

To inquire, send an email with your contact information to info [at]  Please include your lathe model and daytime telephone number so that we may respond as quickly as possible.  Or, give us a call at 402-330-9801 - we love to talk woodturning - and Vacuum Adapters!

Special Announcement!

Our Precision Vacuum Adapter has been selected by Robust Tools, LLC as their factory-option vaccum adapter.  Brent English, President of Robust Tools has decided to use them as the optional factory-supplied vacuum adapter on all newly delivered Robust lathes.  The Precision Vacuum Adapter is available to fit all current models of Robust lathe, American Beauty, Sweet 16, Liberty, and Independence - and may be ordered with a new lathe.  Current owners of Robust lathes can also contact us at JT Turning Tools for more information and assistance.

We are pleased that our Precision Vacuum Adapter has receive this recognition as a superior product from another quality-oriented company like Robust Tools, LLC.