The Trans-Former Hollowing Tool System

jt's versatile articulated hollowing tool

JT's Trans-Former hollowing tool is a multi-link, hyper-adjustable new design that lets the user exactly set the shape and profile of the hollowing tool to the requirements of the job at hand.  Utilizing the ability to quickly change link angles, add or subtract links, and precisely tune the shear angle of the carbide disc cutters, this innovative hollowing tool provides versatility well beyond that of conventional fixed-angle tools.  This versatility provides economy, as a single tool now takes the place of many different angled and hooked traditional hollowing tools.  When combined with the Trans-Former Hollowing Gate, this tool functions as a captured hollowing system, providing many benefits, but avoiding the expense, set-up hassle, and space requirements of traditional captured hollowing rigs.

What's behind this tool's success? - Innovation, Engineering, and more.  The Trans-Former Tool has gained rapid success because, simply put, it works and works extremely well. Trans-Former provides the owner with great value and versatility.  Read on and find out why you should be considering a Trans-Former Tool for your woodturning tool arsenal.


Trans-Former System Kit:  Tool, Gate, and 7" MiniGrip Handle

Trans-Former System Kit:  Tool, Gate, and 7" MiniGrip Handle

The Trans-Former System, ready for work on a PM3520B.  A compact, yet highly efficient, cost-effective and easy to use captured hollowing system.

Views of the Trans-Former Tool with 8mm cutter - set up to hollow on the PM 3520B


Trans-Former provides these benefits:

  • Quick and simple to set-up - just replace your tool rest with the Trans-Former Gate, insert the tool, and attach the handle.  Set the cutter height to slightly above center, and you are ready to go.
  • Easy to configure and adjust the shape of the Trans-Former for any project.  Multiple shape configurations are possible by adding, subtracting, and re-orienting the tool's links.
  • Multiple cutter sizes can be quickly interchanged as the job requires.
  • Provides infinite adjustment of the cutter shear angle to fine-tune the tool to the wood species and turning conditions.
  • Eliminates difficult sharpening of oddly shaped conventional hollowing tool tips - just rotate the carbide cutter for a fresh edge whenever required.
  • Solid carbide cutters have a very long life-span, so replacement is infrequent.
  • Quickly and simply reconfigure the tool for reverse or "left hand" turning when desired.
  • In conjunction with our Gizmo system, Trans-Former performs most functions of a conventional captured hollowing rig without the imposing size, space requirements, complexity or set-up time.
    • Relieves the turner of virtually all unpleasant, difficult to control tool forces normally associated with hollowing on the lathe.
    • Absorbs twisting torque and vertical loads via connection to the Gizmo, yet maintains full freedom of movement and tool control - left, right and longitudinally.  
    • Avoids most potential catches when properly set up and operated.
    • Speeds hollowing because it cuts - cleanly and rapidly - instead of scraping.
    • Requires less space to store and use, is less expensive, and less complex than many conventional captive rig hollowing systems.

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Like some other hollowing tools, the Trans-Former Tool makes use of round solid-carbide disc cutters - but from there, the Trans-Former makes a carefully designed and engineered departure to another level.  Indeed, the Trans-Former is a very unique tool, because it is the most adjustable, adaptable, and easiest to use hollowing tool available.  As you can readily see, the design of the tool provides full articulation capability - that is to say that the user can adjust the profile of the Trans-Former Tool to any shape necessary for the project at hand.  By adjusting and reconfiguring, subtracting or adding articulating links, the tool can easily be configured to the ideal shape and angle, quickly and precisely.

Adjust the Trans-Former to any shape you need with regular tools (now supplied with special bolts that require the use of a 12-point socket or box-end wrench to adjust the link joint torque.)

In addition, the unique clamping link lets the user also adjust the shear angle of the cutter.  Control over this cutter shear angle in relation to the axis of the turning is essential to the achievement of a perfect balance between cutting aggression and smoothness and is the most important factor in the use of carbide cutters for woodturning.  Interchangeable cutter holders facilitate quick changes to alternate size cutters (6mm, 8mm, 10mm) when the user desires, and provide the utility of multiple size cutters with one basic Trans-Former Tool unit.

Alternate cutters/holders - 8mm, 10mm, 6mm, installed on the Trans-Former Tool, Top-Bottom

Close up of alternate cutters/holders; 6mm, 10mm, 8mm - shown from L to R

Alternate Cutter Kits are available in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm sizes, as pictured above.  These Kits include (1)-cutter holder, (1)-carbide disc cutter, and (1)-cutter disc mounting screw.

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Notice too that the tool shaft is made from 5/8" square solid steel alloy.  The square profile provides extra resistance to twisting torque if the Trans-Former is used in hand-held mode on a conventional tool rest.  When combined with the rigid construction of the Hollowing Gate, the square shaft isolates the turner from the sometimes difficult rotational forces associated with hollowing.  The articulating links are precisely machined from the same square stock as the tool shaft and utilize a close-tolerance "tongue-and-groove" joints that are combined with large fasteners to provide superior clamping at every joint.  The precise tolerances between the articulating clamp link and the interchangable cutter holders allows for easy shear angle adjustments coupled with secure clamping action.Trans-Former Tools may also be purchased in "tool only" form - without the Gate or Mini Handle.To Order Your new TFT Tool, select the model below and click the "Add to Cart" button. (Domestic U.S. orders only - for International orders, contact us)


Trans-Former Tool with 15" handle on tool rest

This unique tool truly "Transforms", not only in shape and configuration, but from a hand-held hollowing tool to a docile and very effective captured hollowing system.  By replacing your conventional tool rest with the Trans-Former Tool Gate, you move into another dimension of comfort and control.  Undesirable twisting forces and catch-producing vertical forces are absorbed by the extremely strong and solid Trans-Former Tool Hollowing Gate.  A single TFT Gate can be utilized on multiple lathes in your shop by interchanging the modular tool posts allowing you to take it from a 25" swing to a table-top mini, and any lathe in between.Owners of Trans-Former Tools who do not currently have the Trans-Former Gate can update the usefulness of the tool by purchasing a Trans-Former Gate and Mini Handle.  Gain all the benefits of the full Trans-Former system by acquiring these items.  Mini Handles and Gates are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Trans-Former Gate with 1" and 5/8" diameter modular posts.

(5/8" post available in long for larger Mini/Midi lathes, short for 10" or smaller Mini lathes)

Price for the Trans-Former Tool Gate is $85.00 each, your choice of post size included - select and order below. Price for individual modular posts is $32.00 each - select and order below. Other alternate post sizes are available upon request - please contact us.

Price for individual modular posts is $32.00

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