The "down n' out " tail stock manager

 This Is JT's Remarkable "DOWN N' OUT" Tail Stock Manager!  Close-Out price, see below!

Tired of lifting that heavy, ungainly tail stock off your lathe every time you need a little more room - and then having to pick it back up when you need it?  Welcome to one of our great products, the "Down N' Out" tail stock manager (patent applied for).  More than just a "tail stock swinger", the innovative Down N' Out lets you quickly move your lathe's tail stock completely out of your way, clearing your workspace simply and easily.  The unique design of the Down N' Out simultaneously moves the tail stock safely behind the lathe and completely below the level of the bed ways.  This allows the turner to utilize long bowl gouges and hollowing tools without interference from the tail stock - remember that sore elbow?  In addition, the tail stock is moved to a storage location that prevents it from interfering with outboard turning on lathes with sliding head stocks.  You no longer have to heave and carry to get the tail stock out of your way - Down N' Out does it safely and conveniently.  When you need to use the tail stock, the design of the Down N' Out helps you quickly and easily move the tail stock back onto the bed ways.  And, the engineering of the Down N' Out provides built-in leverage, greatly reducing the effective weight of the tail stock as you move it.

Follow the movement sequence in the photos below:

1.  The Down N' Out - locked into position at the end of the lathe and ready to go.

2.  Slide the tail stock onto the Down N' Out platform and clamp it down securely.

3.  Release the Down N' Out lock screw,  then gently swing the tail stock to the convenient "Down N' Out" position.

4.  Down N' Out takes the weight for you.  About a 10# pull is all that is required on this Jet 1642

5.  Down N' Out swings smoothly, with little effort.

6.  Fully lowered position.  This position is also ideal for "parking" Down N' Out when not is use

To return the tail stock to the working position, simply reverse the above sequence.

The Down N' Out tail stock manager is designed to provide efficient, convenient, and safe transfer of the tail stock to the stored position, and to return it to the working position with minimal effort by the user.  To minimize impact on your lathe workspace the Down N' Out can also conveniently self-store in the down position when not in use, leaving your lathe bed at its standard length without compromising the walking space around the lathe.

Fabricated of top quality steel plate - laser cut, machined, and welded to close tolerances, the Down N' Out is clear zinc plated for appearance and corrosion resistance.  Owners of this unique product will enjoy years of maintenance-free performance and service.  All fasteners are Grade 8 SAE quality for strength and durability.

Models are currently available for the Powermatic 3520A/B series lathes.  Down N' Out ships fully assembled and ready to mount - no drilling or threading of holes is required.  All mounting hardware is included.

NOTE: Please download and carefully read and understand the installation instructions shown here.

Contact us for information about the Down N' Out for other lathe models.  

NOTE: Down N' Out is not designed to be, or intended for use as a bed extension.  It should never be used for that purpose.


CLOSE-OUT Price for the Down N' Out is $199.00 + Frt. - (PM3520, A/B only)  Contact us to order, no web orders!

(Domestic U.S. orders only)
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