Offset Deep-Reach Hollowing Rest

Modular Offset Tool Rests Support Scrapers and Hollowing Tools Deep inside boxes and hollow forms

These Offset Tool Rests are very useful in situations where conventional tool rests cannot be employed effectively.  The narrow, long platform profile provides support for scrapers and other tools when working deep inside small turned boxes and hollow forms.  Designed to support the tool in a flat horizontal plane, these offset rests allow the turner to maintain control of those light clean-up cuts deep within the turning where a delicate touch is required. Allows the turner to work far within a small box or vessel.

Large bowl scraper working the inner bottom. Tool support  and control where you need it..

On many lathe models, it is not possible to actually put the center line of the tool post directly inline with the center axis of the lathe, because the banjo cannot be moved far enough inward.  So, while other platform type rests are available, they are not built with an offset profile and cannot be placed exactly on the lathe axis on many lathes, due to the limitations of the movement of the banjo.  Other platform rests are usually part of an expensive tool rest system, - and still may not offer an offset design.

Our Offset Tool Rests are now Modular, with heavier platform and multiple post choices!

Modular Offset Rest right on center in any project.

Hefty 1/2" steel platform & various modular posts. Work deep inside boxes, hollow forms & bowls.

Modular Offset Rests are currently available with a 4" deep reach, with 1" & 5/8" diameter tool posts in various lengths, and the posts are compatible/interchangeable with the Trans-Former Hollowing Tool System posts.  Try one of these offset platform tool rests.  They really provide extra support and control for scrapers and other tools when working deep inside a box, bowl, or hollow form.


Price for the Redesigned and Improved four-inch deep reach Modular Offset Rest is  $69.00

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