The Essential Dust Guzzler - Breathe Easy

Check out the Dust Guzzler - a product designed to help woodturners capture and remove fine-particle sanding dust as they work in their shop.
Almost everyone is aware that wood dust generated in our shops, especially when sanding, can create a health hazard.  That is why we set out to develop and offer a product that can help turners minimize dust problems in their shop.  After about 1 1/2 years making prototypes and testing them in our own shop, we arrived at a design configuration that helps you capture the vast majority of fine sanding particles where it counts - right at the project being sanded.  We also included the capability to let you configure Dust Guzzler for the specific project you are sanding. One setting for bowls and platters, and another one for spindle sanding.

A Dust Guzzler configured for bowls and platters

In either configuration, the Dust Guzzler's unique design provides you with the essential fine-particle capture required when sanding on the lathe.  And, Dust Guzzler is very effective when turning forms in seasoned hard wood, where very fine dry dust is created.  All of our testing with prototypes lead to the design of the Dust Guzzler Plenum chamber that you see here.  The plenum stabilizes and directs the air flow into a standard 4" dust collector hose connection.  Made of super-tough ABS material, the plenum is formed, welded and glued together for extra strength - resulting in a very light weight form  that is tough, durable, and able to take the abuse and an occasional "hit" as can happen in the turning environment. 

 Dust Guzzler

A Dust Guzzler configured for spindle sanding

Testing provided the data required for the specific shapes of the ports in the face of the plenum.  These ports, two for bowls and platters and three for spindles, direct and focus the flow potential of your Dust Guzzler exactly where it will do the most good - in close proximity to the edge of the object being sanded.  The components of Dust Guzzler keep the system very durable but with very light weight and so it's easy to handle and store.  A specially designed all-aluminum mounting system fits on almost any lathe and provides complete adjustability in height, angle and distance from center. The double-articulation lets the user tilt, twist, and make fine angle and distance adjustments.  So, whether you prefer to sand in forward or reverse rotation, or switch rotation during the sanding cycle, you can quickly adjust Dust Guzzler when needed.  All Dust Guzzler and mounting components are very light weight to provide ease of use, yet are tough and durable for years of trouble-free service. 

People really love using this product - you will too!    So, order your Dust Guzzler today.  You can be safer and,

Breathe Easy!


Price of the Dust Guzzler is $299.00


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