Meet the Gizmo - jt's innovative hollowing tool design


Gizmo - the "Gold Standard" of Hollowing Systems


The Gizmo with LaserTrak, Trans-Former, SmartSteady

Meet our Gizmo Hollowing System.  We believe Gizmo is the only articulated hollower to offer the user a thoughtfully designed product - one that benefits from professional engineering and superior design.  Computer aided design (CAD), finite element analysis, stress analysis testing, robust purpose-built components and precision tolerance CNC manufacturing are applied to every unit.  Small overall form factor, relative light weight, engineered structural strength and torsional stiffness make Gizmo a superior hollowing system and a real pleasure to own and use.

A Gaggle of Gizmos - ready to ship

Just looking at Gizmo you know that it is built for strength, rigidity and durability and to perform at an exceptional level.  Every component part is engineered to withstand the rigors of hollowing larger projects, while maintaining the precision, convenience and easy action needed for all projects.  Articulated hollowing devices are not new, but Gizmo is the first to offer its unique combination of easy usability and exceptional strength and rigidity.  The Gizmo design features provide the power, resilience  and stiffness for big hollowing projects, yet retain the ability to maintain precision control while minimizing stress and fatigue for the user.

Gizmo Setup using LaserTrak, Trans-Former, SmartSteady

Gizmo is adaptable to almost any size lathe and is easy to install (smaller lathes may require a bed extension and/or removal of the tail stock) .  The small form factor and light weight provides a huge advantage over conventional frame-based hollowing systems when mounting, centering, removing and storing the Gizmo.

This compact yet rugged tool is easy to set up and use, and rewards the turner with hours of hollowing without fatigue or excess physical requirements.  Only a very light touch is required for the tool to do its work, especially when used in combination with JT's Trans-Former Tool and carbide cutters.  Gizmo is also capable of utilizing any hollowing bar that you may have with a 5/8" or 3/4" round shank, and it includes a custom machined adapter.

Making shavings at SWAT-2011

Equally at home when hollowing small or large projects, Gizmo uniquely combines strength and rigidity to minimize vibration while maintaining amazing ease of motion and precise control.  Adjusting the rotatable carbide cutter on the Trans-Former Tool allows the user to make delicate finishing cuts or agressively  "hog wood" when roughing out a vessel - all with the same tool.

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JT's SmartSteady Rest System

Gizmo with SmartSteady and Trans-Former

The SmartSteady Rest System, like the Gizmo, is a product of true "outside the box" design and construction.  Completely modular and with a compact foot print, SmartSteady is easy to set up, easy to store away when not in use, relatively light in weight and it fits on any lathe from 12" to 25" in swing diameter.  Independently adjustable wheels that are not constrained by the use of a "hoop" or other framework allow you to adjust for a perfect fit on your project while accomodating holes, bark inclusions or other surface irregularities that may exist on the outside of the form.

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