Vacuum power for the new series of Delta Midi lathes

Add vacuum chucking convenience and utility to your Delta 46-460 or 46-455 midi lathe.

One of the hottest selling small lathes on the market can now be equipped for vacuum chucking with the addition of JT's new Precision Vacuum Adapter Kit for Delta model 46-460 and 46-455 lathes.  Owners of today's new compact Delta lathes can join the users of larger lathes in benefiting from the ability to utilize a vacuum chuck system.  JT's Precision Vacuum Adapter Kits for these Delta models make it possible for turners to enjoy reliable, high performance vacuum chuck work holding.  These kits consist of a Precision Vacuum Adapter coupled with a Delta-specific custom hand wheel.

Our kits not only make the adoption of vacuum chucking simple, but the user also benefits from a safer, more hand-friendly hand wheel permanently installed on their lathe.  The "plug and play" Precision Vacuum Adapter mates perfectly with the custom hand wheel, allowing for quick changes from mechanical chucking to vacuum chucking, without interference with any other lathe capabilities such as use of morse taper accessories or knock-out bars.

Installation is simple - loosen the two set screws and unscrew the stock hand wheel from the end of the spindle (caution the spindle threads are left hand).  Then thread the new kit-supplied hand wheel on to the lathe just snugly - don't over-tighten. Re-tighten the set screws.  To learn about initial installation of the Precision Vacuum Adapter, read Installing the Precision Vacuum Adapter on our Product Installation page.  Note: The standard knock-out rod may need to be lengthened or replaced with the installation of this kit.

Precision Vacuum Adapter Kit on Delta 46-460 Custom engineered vacuum-ready hand wheel
Hand Wheel, Adapter, Vacuum Hub on 46-460 Hand Wheel and Vacuum Hub installed on 46-460

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Price for the Precision Vacuum Adapter Kit for Delta 46-460 & 46-455 is $149.00.

(domestic U.S. orders only - for International orders, contact us