The sensational new CutterVision Hollowing System

Introducing our newest product - the fantastic hollowing system, CutterVision for Windows. CutterVision is a revolutionary leading-edge tool that shows the user the exact position of the cutter inside their hollow form.  CutterVision displays a real-time image of the cutter position as you move about the hollow form.  And CutterVision's capabilities are much more than just seeing the cutter.  The CutterVision software, designed by experienced hollow form turner Stan Harder, gives the user the ability to define their desired wall thickness and draws a visible line, or "halo", around the cutter - any shape or size of cutter can be used.  And CutterVision's tools make changing or adjusting the cutter position a very simple process. Change the color or size of the cutter wall-thickness halo line from preset values, or adjust the color to your preference to provide the best possible contrast with your hollow form.  You can alter the magnification of the image to zoom-in or out to give you the most advantageous view of your work.
CutterVision is great for bowl turners too - making your turning faster and more precise.  Greatly decreases the chance that your bowl will be turned into a funnel.




CutterVision simplifies the process of hollowing and greatly reduces the stress and anxiety sometimes associated with hollow form turning.  No longer will you need to constantly stop to painstakingly measure the wall thickness of your turning - CutterVision will do that for you.  In fact you can simply leave your calipers in storage - you just won't need them.  And, you will only need to stop turning to remove chips.  CutterVision lets you concentrate on your creativity to make beautiful forms and allows you to be more productive by greatly reducing the time required to complete each turning.  CutterVision operates on comupters or tablets running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 systems.  The camera is thoroughly tested and mounted for rigidity, and the mounting system is rugged and adjustable over a wide range.  A mouse can be used to control the system.

CutterVision comes with a one year warranty on all components, and is supplied with a perpetual license to the proprietary software.  Free software updates will be available from time to time, and can be downloaded from the Customer Login page at our companion website,  While the mount system was designed to be compatible with our Gizmo Hollowing System, it can be easily adapted to most other hollowing systems.  Give us a call and we will help you with mounting questions. 

CutterVision includes the following components:

  • Mouse pad
  • Magnetic calibration card
  • All necessary cables
  • Start-up manual
  • Camera and camera boom
  • Specially designed telescoping camera mast

CutterVision for Windows is in stock and ready for quick shipment.  Call us at 402-330-9801.  Or email us at info [at] ( )and we will return your call.  After a brief visit to better understand your needs - we will respond with a detailed quote that includes the CutterVision system plus any other components that you may need to get started using this fantastic tool in your shop. So, give us a call and explore an exciting tool that will quickly take your hollowing and bowl turning capability to a whole new level.  Find out how a CutterVision system will work in your shop and improve your turning experience.