Precision Vacuum Adapter solutions for all robust tools woodturning lathes

Pictured below is our Precision Vacuum Adapter installed on a Robust 25" "American Beauty" lathe.  Brent English, President of Robust Tools was so impressed with our adapters that he has decided to use them as the optional factory-supplied vacuum adapter on all newly delivered Robust lathes.  The Precision Vacuum Adapter is available to fit all current models of Robust lathe, American Beauty, Sweet 16, and Liberty.  Current owners of Robust lathes can contact brent [at] (Brent) to purchase a Precision Vacuum Adapter for their lathe, or contact us at info [at] (JT Turning Tools, LLC) for more information.>

JT's Precision Vacuum Adapter installed on Robust American Beauty 25" lathe

If your Robust Lathe has internal spindle bore threads, contact Robust Tools to order your Precision Vacuum Adapter

If you are unsure or have questions, contact us

All Robust Models utilize the same Adapter.  The price is $109.00.

(domestic U.S. orders only - for International orders, contact us)

Precision Vacuum Hubs

You might also be interested in our companion product, the Precision Vacuum Hub.  This billet aluminum hub is machined to exacting tolerances from aircraft quality aluminum stock, using state of the art CNC machining equipment.  Engineered to give years of service, the Precision Vacuum Hub allows the turner to utilize inexpensive Schedule 40 PVC 2-inch pipe Couplings to create interchangeable vacuum cups of varying sizes.

PM 3520, adapter installed

Precision Vacuum Hub for 1 1/4 x 8 spindle thread

Two views showing the Precision Vacuum Hub mounted on a Powermatic 3520B woodturning lathe

End view showing the face groove receiver for the 2" PVC couplings.  Note the O-ring at the bottom of the groove providing a positive vacuum seal. Side view showing the exceptional machining quality on all surfaces.  Note the six set screws that retain the vacuum cups.
Hub and Cups
Vacuum Hub and PVC pipe coupling Cups - various sizes available

This provides a low cost, high quality alternative to multiple sizes of individual vacuum chucks, while allowing the user to quickly move from one size cup to another.  The cups (2" PVC pipe couplings) are inserted into the precisely machined groove in the face of the hub, sealed by an O-ring in the bottom of the grove, and retained securely with 6 set screws around the perimeter.  Hubs are available in 1"x8, 1.25"x8, and M33x3.5 spindle thread sizes to accommodate most popular lathes.  Learn more about the Precision Vacuum Hub products on the vacuum hubs page.